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What Makes EyeSoothe the Best Eye Mask for Dry Eye Syndrome?

  • Replenishes Moisture and Relieves Dryness for faster Relief from Dry Eye Syndrome

  • Stays at optimum temperature for the recommended treatment time of 10 minutes

  • Safe & user friendly with no need to heat up the gel pack in a microwave

  • Ideal for Re-use over an Extended Period of time. Washable.

  • Eye mask contains a foil thermal lining to keep the heat at the required level

  • Orders include an EyeSoothe eye mask, gel pack (inc clip), zip lock bag & instructions

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What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome refers to a condition where there is insufficient tears and other fluids on the surface of the eye. The tear film consists of water, oils and mucus to keep the eyes moist and clean. This film evaporates easily under some specific conditions.

These include inflamed tear glands, eye fatigue, allergies, exposure to dry air and infrequent blinking. Symptoms of dry eye syndrome include redness in the eyes, itchiness, burning, blurred vision, inflammation in the cornea, stringy discharge and grit like feeling in the eyes.

Although this condition does not cause vision loss, it may lead to scarring in the eye and infections if left untreated. Know more about it here.

How Eyesoothe Works:

A simple and effective way for getting relief from Dry Eye Syndrome is applying a warm compress. Eyesoothe eye mask is designed to provide optimum heat/warmth to the eyes for prescribed time period. This eye mask for dry eyes comes with gel mixture which is heated and put inside the mask before use.

When placed over closed eyes, the heat relaxes the muscles around the eyes and activates tear glands which improves the rate at which tears are released in the eyes. The heat also improves flow of blood to the eyes to give relief from dry eye syndrome.

How to Use Eyesoothe Eye Mask for Dry Eyes?

Eyesoothe dry eye mask encloses a heating eye mask with special foil lining to retain heat for up-to ten minutes, gel packets, a zip-lock bag and instructions. In order to get the most benefits of this mask, follow the below mentioned instructions:

1. Heat some water in a boiler or in a kettle. Pour the water in a medium sized bowl.

2. Put the gel packets in hot water. Add more water into the bowl if needed to fully cover the gel packets for uniform distribution of heat.

3. Let the gel packs stay in the bowl for four to five minutes to heat them properly.

4. Once heated, take the gel packets out of the water bowl and shake them to get rid of any excess water.

5. Immediately, put the heated gel packets inside the mask and close the mask properly so the packs stay warm for longer time.

6. Wear the mask and lie down in a comfortable place for ten minutes to let the mask work.

Initially, you should use the mask twice a day daily for one week. When you notice improvement in the symptoms of dry eyes, reduce the usage frequency to three to four days in the following week of the treatment. This mask is reusable and can be heated upto 100 times.

More About Dry Eye Syndrome

What is Dry Eye Syndrome: Symptoms and Causes

What is Dry Eye Syndrome? According to NHS England, dry eye syndrome is the name for any condition “when the complex tear production process is disrupted in some way”. This means that the constant film [...]

Eye Care Tips for Dry Eyes

  • Stay away from allergens and wear special glasses whenever you go out.

  • Practice hygiene while using eye mask and make it a point to cleanse the eyes with wet washcloth to remove any traces of discharge and other irritants from the eyes.

  • Discontinue wearing eye make up till your eyes are not completely healed.

  • Refrain from staring at bright screens as it tires the eyes and makes them dry.

  • Blink your eyes four to five times per minute to activate tear flow.

  • Massage the eyelids gently with clean hands a couple of times a day to relax the eyes.