How to Use: Step by Step – Blepharitis Eye Mask

First you need to fill a bowl with hot water, preferably from a kettle. Make sure that the bowl is big enough for the gel pack to be fully covered by the water.

After the bowl is filled, clip the supplied hook onto the gel pack and submerge the eye mask fully into the water. Then clip onto the side of the bowl and leave for 4 to 5 minutes.

After 4 to 5 minutes carefully take the gel pack out of the water with the help of the hook and then dab it down on kitchen roll or shake it dry to get rid of the excess water.

Once dried place the gel pack into the eye mask and make sure that the Velcro strip is fully sealed. This will ensure the heat pack remains at the correct temperature.

Ideally find a comfortable environment, attach the eye mask and then rest for 10 minutes. It works better if you lie with your head tilting backwards to ensure an even heat flow.

To start with using the eye mask up to twice a day is recommended. If the symptoms improve you can reduce using the eye mask to 2 to 3 times a week.

EyeSoothe: Blepharitis Eye Mask

The EyeSoothe eye mask pack contains everything needed for the safest and most effective eye treatment solution. The fully adjustable eye mask features a unique thermal foil lining and it will retain heat without dropping in temperature for at least ten minutes. The EyeSoothe eye mask is designed to be used multiple times and is washable.

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