You can find several good online demonstrations to help you learn how to clean eyelids and eyes, including the step-by-step tutorial above.

Eye hygiene starts and ends with you, and – even if you’re using Blepharitis medication – it’s important to master it. Good eyelid hygiene will help minimise your symptoms and prevent them recurring. In addition to the solutions that your specialist prescribes, there is plenty you can do at home to help. To keep clean eyelids, practice the following:

How to clean your eyelids

Dip some cotton wool or something similar in warm water. Make sure the water is warm and not hot. The eyelids are a very sensitive and delicate part of the body, and so exposing them to hot water could be quite painful. This is why it is also important to use something soft to clean them such as cotton wool, as if you use something rough then you might cause pain or damage.

Firstly, use one piece of cotton wool to remove all of the crustiness that might be present from around the eyelids. Make sure especially that it is all removed from the eyelashes. Next, take a different piece of cotton wool and also dip it in the water. Then wipe the cotton wool gently over the base and along the length of the eyelashes. This should remove any detritus from the eyelashes and around the edge of the eyelids.

Repeat this until you have fully clean eyes.

The warm compress

Simply boil some water and then let it cool down to warm. Submerge an eye pad or clean cloth/flannel in the water and the place it gently on the eyes, leaving it in place for ten minutes or so. If you notice the flannel or pad cooling quickly while placed on your eyes, then soak it again in the warm water before placing it back on your eyes. You can find purpose-made, microwaveable eye-pads/eye-bags; if you’re using one of these, just make sure you clean it before and after use.

The eyelid massage

Start by using your little finger in a rolling/circular motion to gently massage your closed eyes. Use a cotton bud to continue the massage, rolling the tip down the closed eyelid towards the lashes – this helps to encourage oil to move out of the glands. Repeat this process, going from to bottom until you’ve covered the entire width of the eyelid. Now reverse the process on your lower eyelids, starting at the bottom and travelling upwards to the lashes.