Dry Eye Syndrome

Courtesy: medscape.com

As you might know if you have dry eye syndrome, it can be a very irritating condition to have. If you have it severely, it might even cause severe pain and discomfort. So what can you do about it? Well, that depends in part on what you want to do.

Fully Curing Dry Eye Syndrome

Unfortunately, dry eye syndrome is quite hard to fully cure. To do this, surgical intervention is often required. This can take many different forms, from the insertion of certain types of small plugs into areas of the eyelid to membrane grafting. Generally these prevent tears from draining away as quickly as they can do, which prevents the eyes from becoming dry.

Another attempt at a cure or a treatment is to use some form of lubricating supplement. These can include forms of artificial tear substitutes in order to fulfil the function that normal tears perform, or even corticosteroids. The final way in which it can be at least partially cured is through taking anti-inflammatory medication. This removes the inflammation that can be caused by dry eye syndrome, reducing any pain and irritation that it causes.

The issue with these approaches is that they are both costly and take time. Waiting times for surgery can be months, and if you happen to be in a country where there isn’t a national health service it could mean giving up a significant amount of money. Similarly, lubricating supplements and anti-inflammatory medicines are expensive products and would need to be used for an extended period of time. Therefore, you would have to weigh up whether this is an option which you really want to take.

Alleviating the symptoms

It is a lot easier however to instead alleviate the symptoms, or underlying problems which cause them. This means that you do not suffer the negative effects of the condition, the irritation or the pain, while also not having to undergo costly and time-consuming surgery.

This can be achieved through applying some sort of heat to the eyelids at repeated intervals. This is because one of the leading causes of dry eye syndrome is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (or MGD). This is a condition where the Meibomian Glands in the eyelids become blocked and therefore inhibit tear production. This in turn can lead to dry eyes.

Applying heat to the eyelids at regular intervals can unblock these glands, therefore leading to increased tear production. This has the effect of reducing the symptoms of dry eye syndrome i.e getting rid of that pain and irritation you are suffering.

There are products on the market which can help you do this much more cheaply and easily than the other proposed solutions, like EyeSoothe eye mask. If your dry eye syndrome is caused by MGD, this might even fully treat it. For only £14.95 it is a very cost effective, user friendly solution.